This site is new and incomplete. I will be adding stuff as time goes on including information on the Mackinac Island Scout Service Camp. Below is initial information.

Only a few days before our first training. Please make sure everyone in your Troop that is going to Mackinac knows to go this weekend. Registration is from 6 to 8 p.m. Our first training is at 8 so be early.

During registration, you will receive the new patches and be assigned to a patrol. New Scouts will receive their footlockers. We will also be accepting payment for the event. That brings us to one issue we have this year.

We have discovered that Scouting is no longer selling a Scout jacket. I know that could be a problem for Scouts who already have a green jacket. Unfortunately, everyone needs the same jacket. So, the Troop Staff has come up with an alternative. We can get a Maroon coaches jacket with a white Honor Guard logo on the front of the jacket for $20. We would order the jackets. That would mean that everyone would need an extra $20 instead of being responsible for your own jacket. We tried to find something that was low cost, wind resistant and con be used from year to year. The coaches jacket style has been around for a long time and should continue to be available for new Scouts in other years.

That would mean the cost for new Scouts this year would be $215 and include footlockers and jackets. The cost for returning Scouts would be $195. Our goal is returning Scouts won’t have to pay for new jackets. I hope this is not a problem for anyone. Please let me know if it is. This jacket is actually $20 cheaper the green jacket so a good savings for new Scouts.

You will NOT need any eating utensils this weekend. You WILL need a sleeping bag, uniform (What you currently have), other clothes and toiletries.

There will be plenty of food but I’m letting you know that we are next to McDonald’s and a convenience store that Scouts will be allowed to go to during free time.

If you or your parents have any questions, please let me know. See you at the Memorial United Methodist Church in Gladstone on Friday. It is located at 1920 Lake Shore Dr.

Craig Woerpel
MISSC Scoutmaster

Mackinac Island Scout Service Camp in 2014 will be held May 31 to June 7. Below is information you need to be part of the Troop that will be attending from the Upper Peninsula.

Download APPLICATION pdf

Download MISSC FACTS pdf


Please return your application by the end of February. Our mandatory training weekends are April 11-13 and May 2-4, 2014.

It’s a great opportunity. The Scout Service Camp teaches the ideals of Scouting and provides service to others while having fun with other Scouts. We look forward to having you participate.