The Mackinac Island Scout Service Camp is a great opportunity to serve our state as a Governor's Honor Guard and Fort Guide

Scouts to serve at Fort Mackinac

I would like to invite you to participate as a Governor’s Honor Guard at the Mackinac Island Scout Service Camp this summer. Every year, we hear from Scouts that they want to return to Mackinac Island. It's been two years since we have been able to attend, but once again, Troop 411 from the Hiawathaland District will serve at Fort Mackinac. I hope you will consider joining us.
We will be attending the Mackinac Island Scout Service Camp from June 4-11, 2022. We are looking for 54 Scouts to raise and lower flags at Fort Mackinac and serve as guides at the fort and other historical buildings. Other activities include biking the island, eating at the Grand Hotel, shopping downtown, playing ball or horseshoes and other Troop activities. 

How to Apply

Please apply by Feb. 25. You will be notified of your acceptance shortly after.


Gives highlights of the program and what you can expect as a participant.


Explains what the Mackinac Island Scout Service Camp is all about.


Answers all of your questions about what you can expect.


You are expected to have a certain uniform at the camp. Links are here.
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