We have 60 Scouts from 13 Troops registered for the 2018 Mackinac Island Scout Service Camp. Troop 411 continues to serve as the host Troop. There are 21 new Scouts this year. Thanks to everyone willing to participate.

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All of the emails have been sent to the contact information listed on your applications. A few were returned as undeliverable. Please check you spam to allow the email to go through. Below is the email that was sent.



You have been selected to serve at the Mackinac Island Scout Service Camp with Troop 411. There is a full contingent of 60 Scouts signed up to go. We will be leaving Saturday, June 2 and returning the following Saturday, June 9. If you are still in school during that time, please notify your school now.

You are going to Mackinac Island to provide service. As a member of the honor guard, you will raise and lower flags at the fort, serve as a guide and conduct a service project. Raising and lowering flags means marching to and from your post, standing at attention and folding the flag. Guide duty means standing at a designated spot and talking with visitors or marking tickets. The service projects can be anything from painting to scraping to building something. There will also be plenty of time for fun activities.

You will learn how to complete your tasks at two weekend trainings. Sessions include marching, flag raising and lowering, guide duty and island information. The training sessions are two full weekend trainings. They will be held April 20-22 and May 11-13 at Memorial United Methodist Church in Gladstone. Here is the Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Mc46D9RAb2B2

A roster listed by Troop has been included so you can coordinate rides with other Scouts from your area. Check-in for both sessions is from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Friday. Check-out will be noon Sunday. You will be sleeping by patrol, so, please bring a sleeping bag and, if you wish, a sleeping pad or cot.

You are required to wear a full uniform for this event. For uniform information, go to https://upscouting.org/uniforms-for-mackinac/. Shoes can be brown or black. They cannot be two tone or multiple shades of color. We are not allowed to wear tennis shoes or hiking boots with the uniform.

A MISSC Manual explaining the trip for both Scouts and parents will be available shortly on-line at www.upscouting.org/mackinac-island. We will also post information on the website and the Facebook group page. Please make sure this email address does not go to your trash. If you have not yet paid your deposit, please mail $100 to MISSC, PO Box 845, Escanaba, MI 49289.

Any questions, call 906-280-0936 or email. Looking forward to seeing you April 20.

Yours in Scouting,

Craig Woerpel

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