Our first training for the Mackinac Island Scout Service Camp is April 20-22.

Thanks again for applying to serve at Fort Mackinac. In order to do a good job, we have two training weekends to learn more about what you are expected to do and to practice how it is done so that we can be ready right away when we get to the island on June 2.

The first training is April 20-22 at the Memorial United Methodist Church in Gladstone. Here is a Google map https://bit.ly/2Hg8yAy

Registration is from 6 to 8 p.m. eastern time. You will be dismissed at noon on Sunday.

Please bring your full uniform, sleeping bag, cot or pad (optional), and toiletries. First year Scouts will receive a footlocker and jacket. Patches will also be distributed at sign-in.

Please be prepared to pay the remainder of your registration.

Check out the Patrol roster on the Mackinac page. Thomas Claycomb will serve as Senior Patrol Leader. Kyle Seeley, Matthew Wood, Patrick Sullivan and Nick LeClaire will be Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders. Peter Barron, Dean Bellmore, Alex Bellmore and Brayden Lundquist will serve as Patrol Leaders. Brenden Slater, Easton Young, Austin Kleiman and Gregory Chenier will serve as Assistant Patrol Leaders. Our flag commanders will be Kylar Green, Nicholas Seidlecki, Christopher Gray, Wyatt Imhoff and Leif Gustafson.

I look forward to meeting you on Friday, April 20 in Gladstone. Any questions, please let me know.

Craig Woerpel

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