Our first training for the Mackinac Island Scout Service Camp is fast approaching. Our first training is April 21-23 at the Memorial United Methodist Church in Gladstone.

Here is the Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Mc46D9RAb2B2 Registration is between 6 and 7:45 p.m. We start at 8 p.m. You will be dismissed at noon on Sunday, April 23. The second training will be May 12-14. We leave for Mackinac Island on June 3.

You will be staying at the church. Bring sleeping gear. Cots or pads are allowed. Please wear your full uniform. For uniform information, go to https://upscouting.org/uniforms-for-mackinac/. Shoes need to be a solid brown or black shoe. No tennis shoes or hiking boots. There will be some free time where you can wear casual clothing.

Also, please make arraignments to pay your full registration at the first training. If you are in the Red Buck Sub-District (Delta and Schoolcraft Counties) and are applying for a scholarship or looking for assistance from your area, let us know at the training. If you have not paid the $100 deposit, please do so now. Send a check payable to MISSC Troop 411 to MISSC, P.O. Box 845, Escanaba, MI 49829.

Plan rides with other Scouts in your area. A roster was sent out earlier that was listed by Troop. Attached is a patrol listing including leadership. Brad Vandermission will serve as the Senior Patrol Leader during the event. If parents from a far distance away are interested in staying at the church with us, please let us know. You are welcome to do so.

Additional information will be posted on-line at www.upscouting.org/mackinac-island. Any questions, call 906-280-0936. Looking forward to seeing you April 21.

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